Our Clinical Effectiveness Unit (CEU)

As well as offering qualifications and training for our members, our Clinical Effectiveness Unit (CEU) has been working hard to offer continued learning support throughout what has been a difficult year for many. Whether reviewing existing and emerging evidence in contraception and packaging it up into guidelines, UKMEC, MERS, statements, lectures, webinars, and conference presentations, the CEU are here to help keep you up-to-date in evidence based practice. 
Pictures of CEU staffIn February 2021, our CEU released an updated set of clinical guidelines for the insertion of the Progestogen-only Implant, which were then presented by our CEU Co-director Dr Katie Boog at our Hot Topic event.   
Our CEU have also processed over 250 Members’ Evidence Requests, supporting our members in their practice of good sexual and reproductive health support for their patients. They provide an evidence-based enquiry service for members, and will conduct a literature review and summarise the available evidence in relation to a particular medical condition and/or contraceptive method. 
In 2022, we will share upcoming guidance on topics including the Progestogen-only Pill; Breast Cancer After Contraception; and Intrauterine Contraception.