Education, training and membership

As the largest UK professional membership organisation working at the heart of sexual and reproductive health, we’re proud to represent and support over 14,500 healthcare professionals across the country and beyond. 

A closer look at our membership:

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Our members represent the depth and breadth of sexual and reproductive healthcare, from GPs and nurses, to midwives, consultants and pharmacists. We offer a range of membership benefits to support professional development, as well as support those who have an interest in sexual health.  

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Our qualifications

At the heart of our organisation is the quality education and training we offer healthcare professionals, enabling them to provide effective, safe SRH care to their patients. Our qualifications are open to a range of healthcare professionals in many different stages of their careers.  


Since we launched the DFSRH on our new Training Hub in December 2020, we’ve accepted over 750 applications and celebrated 85 new Diplomate members. 

This year saw our first ever Physician Associate Brad Sewell apply and complete our FSRH Diploma (DFSRH).  

“This should be standard for anyone who provides sexual and reproductive care. It not [only] enhanced my practice but equipped me to provide patients with life changing care. Education to support 50% of the population through 35 years of reproductive needs should be viewed as core knowledge.” 
Brad Sewell, Physician Associate


We’re delighted that our updated specialty curriculum in CSRH was launched in August 2021. The CSRH curriculum supports CSRH Trainees and CESR candidates to become the SRH leaders of the future and key members of the SRH community.  Sheffield
We held a successful training day in November for our CSRH trainees in Sheffield, covering important topics such as racism in medicine, genito urinary medicine, and HIV care in menopause. 

We couldn’t do what we do without our brilliant trainers across the UK, who are responsible for guiding and supporting new generations of sexual health and reproductive healthcare professionals year in, year out. 


We continued to find ways to work around the difficulties of COVID-19, transitioning many of our qualifications to fully-online, including our MFSRH exam. Eight healthcare professionals achieved our MFSRH. This high-level qualification is held by doctors who provide expertise in community, primary and acute care.  
Our MFSRH qualification has always been open to international healthcare professionals, and now it is even more accessible as an online qualification.  


We were delighted to award over 700 clinicians with our Letters of Competence (LoCs) qualifications, arming healthcare professionals with the knowledge they need to safely perform implant and IUD insertion and removal for their patients.  


This year also saw the launch of two updated sessions on our e-Learning for Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare (eSRH). These updated sessions provide a more engaging educational experience that aligns with our current FSRH standards.


You can see a breakdown of all completed qualifications below: