About us

Jane Anderson FSRH member reading the Vision Presenting the Vision 

We believe...

  • that there is no health without sexual and reproductive health.
  • in open access to SRH care.
  • in equality and inclusivity.
  • in supporting women’s choices.
  • in the right to excellent SRH care.
  • in the importance of well-trained healthcare professionals.
  • in teams of professionals working together to improve the sexual and reproductive health of the population.
  • primary care is at the heart of good SRH.

We promise...

  • to increase the visibility of sexual and reproductive health and those who provide this care.
  • to promote high standards in SRH.
  • to make our voice heard.
  • to listen to our members.
  • to build a thriving SRH community.
  • to keep people’s sexual and reproductive needs at the centre of our work.
  • to make a difference.

We will achieve this by...

  • raising the status and standing of sexual and reproductive health and the professionals who provide this care.
  • ensuring our guidance and standards are recognised throughout the UK.
  • providing a strong and consistent voice for healthcare professionals.
  • being the ‘go-to’ organisation for evidence-based guidance, clinical/service standards and training.
  • being a hub of information and resources for all.
  • signposting to other organisations within SRH.
  • producing the highest quality clinical guidance, standards, training and education.
  • harnessing the skills and expertise of our members.
  • growing a thriving SRH community.