About the FSRH Diploma and Nurse Diploma (DFSRH and NDFSRH)

The FSRH Diploma is aimed at doctors (DFSRH) and nurses (NDFSRH) who are already working in general practice, community and integrated sexual health services.


By testing their knowledge and assessing their skills, the Diploma demonstrates that they can provide safe and effective sexual and reproductive health care in community, primary and secondary care settings.

The FSRH Diploma is a blended learning package, underpinned by an e-portfolio that records your progress. The Diploma has three stages, which build on each other.

1. Theoretical knowledge – this is based on the Faculty’s clinical guidelines. Trainees must pass an online knowledge assessment (the ‘eKA in SRH’).
2. Course of 5 – five hours of small group-assessed workshops.
3. Clinical experience & assessments in several topics.

About the Course of five Session Topics

  • Session 1: Taking a Sexual History and HIV pre-test discussion and testing
  • Session 2: STI Screening and Testing and Teaching the use of Condoms
  • Session 3: Practical Aspects of Contraception
  • Session 4: Young people; Consent, Confidentiality, Fraser Guidelines and Safeguarding
  • Session 5: Managing Sensitive Scenarios

Read more about the Diploma including information on how to register and start your journey to becoming a full DFSRH or NDFSRH member here.


SRH Essentials for nurses

FSRH also offers a one-day, interactive course entitled ‘SRH Essentials for nurses’ aimed at nurses working in primary care and other community settings. This course provides nurses with the following skills:

  • Perform a pregnancy risk assessment
  • Discuss all methods of Emergency Contraception and can offer/refer for the appropriate method
  • Introduce contraception and sexual health into consultations, even when your patient isn’t expecting it
  • Appraise risks, side effects and benefits of contraceptive methods
  • Demonstrate how to reissue the COC, POP, injection
  • Perform a sexual health risk assessment and decide which STI tests to offer your patients

Read more about SRH Essentials here