Recertification of Membership (MFSRH / FFSRH)

The Faculty has had a mandatory continuing medical education programme (known as recertification) since its inception in 1993. There are two programmes, one addressing the needs of Fellows and Members detailed on this webpage and a separate one addressing holders of the Diploma of the Faculty of Sexual and Reproductive Health. (DFSRH).


In order to bring the FSRH recertification requirements into parity with other Faculties and the Royal Colleges, doctors recertifying from 2012 are required to gain 250 credits in each five year recertification cycle. Doctors should now aim to collect credits at a rate of 50 per year. 

Statement of Principle

The Faculty supports the Ten Principles for College/Faculty CPD schemes as published by the Academy of Royal Medical Colleges

FSRH Logbook for MFSRH and FFSRH Recertification

The full details of the MFSRH and FFSRH recertification programme including information on CPD points and how to calculate and record them are included in the handbook on this webpage below. You can also download the MFSRH and FFSRH logbook to help you with recording your CPD points. See the two attachments below.

Contact Us

Contact the recertification team on +44(0)20 3198 3180 or email for more information.