Membership Benefits and Costs

The FSRH is committed to supporting its members to meet the highest standards in SRH.  The specialist committees of SRH doctors, nurses and consultants work together to produce high quality training programmes, specialist conferences and events, clinical guidance and other SRH learning resources, all of which are designed to support members’ continued learning and development.

FSRH Membership Fees Details


What are the benefits?

Recognition of the relevant training of Diplomates and Members. The Faculty works to ensure that training and continuing education in the discipline are maintained at a high standard.

  • Diplomates, Members and Fellows are identified as DFSRH, MFSRH or FFSRH.
  • Fellows, Members, Diplomates and Associates have access to a network of regional advisers, assessors and course organisers.
  • Fellows, Members, Diplomates and Associates have access to clinical advisory facilities including audit and a research officer.
  • Fellows, Members, Diplomates and Associates receive The Journal of Family Planning and Reproductive Health Care quarterly.
  • A range of scholarships and prizes.
  • A range of meetings and conferences.

How much is my membership subscription?

The FSRH is committed to offering value for money. Membership rates are reviewed on an annual basis by the Council, and approved at the AGM in June. Members will be notified of any increases when subscription renewal reminders are sent.

From 1 January 2015, members (Associates, Diplomates, Members and Fellows) whose membership subscription has lapsed will be required to pay back the years they owe – at current subscription levels – up to a cap of 5 years.

 Full Subscription Rates

  2016 Fees
  Cheque or BCT    Direct Debit   
Member (MFSRH)  
Fellow (FFSRH) * 
£200 £195
Diplomates (DFSRH)    £97 £92
Associates £75 £70
Affiliates £65 £60
Retired Members £48













 Reduced Subscription Rates

If members do not expect their total gross income from ALL medical activities, for a calendar year (1st January to 31st December), to exceed £22,000 for 2016, they are eligible to apply for the reduced subscription rate given below. Please submit a completed income declaration form 2016. Please fill in this form and email it to FSRH,

Reduced Subscription Rates

Member (MFSRH)  £112
Diplomates (DFSRH)        £66
Associates  £66
Affiliates N/A
Retired  N/A








Income tax relief in respect of annual membership subscriptions:

The Faculty has been approved by the Board of Inland Revenue under section 201 Income and Corporation Taxes Act 1988 with effect 6th April 1993 under reference SAPPT1644471993JEM dated 30th June 1994.

Register your interest in becoming an FSRH member if you have not already joined us. 


* The award of the Fellowship of the FSRH is an honour which recognises many years of loyal service as a Member in the specialty of contraception and sexual health. To date 651 doctors have accepted this award. 

In November of each year, we write to invite MFSRH members to make an application to become Fellows. Applications will be considered by Council if an individual has:
1. obtained the MFSRH qualification a minimum of 12 complete years previously,
2. has maintained their Membership of the Faculty continuously during this period
3. has satisfactorily completed a 5 year CPD cycle or if working in a country that does not have a system of CPD assessment has provided evidence of continuing medical education,
4. has completed the appropriate application form,
5. has completed a personal declaration of good standing