Specialty Curriculum


CSRH training is a six-year programme, divided into basic, intermediate and advanced training, across 15 modules.

  • Basic training: ST1, ST2 and ST3 (3 years) 
  • Intermediate training: ST4 and ST5 (2 years) 
  • Advanced training: ST6 (1 year)

To download the entire curriculum, see the link at the foot of this webpage.

The modules are listed below:

Module 1 Basic Clinical Skills
Module 2 Contraception
Module 3 Unplanned Pregnancy & Abortion Care
Module 4 Gynaecology
Module 5 Specialist Gynaecology
Module 6 Pregnancy
Module 7 Menopause & PMS
Module 8 Genitourinary Medicine
Module 9 Public Health
Module 10 Teaching, Appraisal & Assessment
Module 11 Ethics and Legal Issues
Module 12 Leadership, Management & Governance
Module 13 IT, audit and Research
Module 14 Sexual Assault
Module 15 Sexual Problems

The GMC approved the CSRH curriculum, including its content and structure, on Since then, the curriculum has had two small revisions, both approved by the GMC; every CSRH trainee completes this same curriculum. Although there are no sub-specialties, there should be opportunity to develop a special interest within this field, particularly in your final year.

You must maintain any level 3 skills that you gain – these will be assessed every year after they have been signed off. See the document below for more information.
Many trainees and trainers make the mistake of concentrating only on the logbook of competencies. This is just one part of the curriculum – always study the curriculum and syllabus carefully, as well as checking the list of competencies within each module.

Specific Curriculum Issues

Skills relating to Evacuation of the Uterus

Although you can use WPBAs of surgical abortion (STOP) in lieu of WPBAs of Evacuation of Retained Products of Conception (ERPC), the reverse is not true – you cannot use ERPC in place of STOP.

Please note that you should demonstrate your continuing experience in the broader aspects of management of miscarriage.