FSRH Annual Report

The FSRH is a faculty of the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RCOG) however, whilst working closely with the RCOG it is an independent organisation and has many of the functions of a Royal College. The Faculty is a multi-disciplinary and cross specialty professional organisation with a current UK membership of more than 15,000 doctors and nurses working in specialist sexual & reproductive healthcare services (SRH), general practice (GP), genitourinary medicine (GUM) and obstetrics & gynaecology (O&G).

FSRH Annual Review Document 2015  

Image: FSRH Annual Review 2015

FSRH Annual Report and Accounts

FSRH Annual Report & Accounts 2015

FSRH Annual Review 2015

FSRH Annual Report & Accounts 2014 

FSRH Annual Report & Accounts 2013

FSRH Annual Report & Accounts 2012

FSRH Annual Report & Accounts 2011


FSRH Annual General Meeting Minutes

AGM 2015 Minutes

AGM 2016 Minutes 

FSRH Articles of Association 

FSRH Articles of Association